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Join Free the Degree

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Join our Slack Workspace to share updates about your org and connect with folks.

Scroll through the Free the Degree HQ for a scope of the campaign.

Join the SAVE on Student Debt Campaign

Sign your organization up to advocate for the new Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan. Share resources and information with folks on campus and in your community to help end the student debt crisis.

Learn About Student Loans and the Repayment Process

Check out Student Debt Crisis Center's Student Loan Help Clinics:

Student Loans 101

Student Loans 201

Student Loans 301

Join the Conversation

Monthly Campaign Call:

First Wednesdays of the month @ 12pm ET / 9am PT

Communications and Events Working Group:

2023 Meeting Dates: 

12/14 @ 1pm ET / 10am PT

Let's #FreeTheDegree!

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