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Event: State of Student Debt Summit Features Sec. of Education Miguel Cardona, Sen. Elizabeth Warren

December 6, 2023

Natalia Abrams, Student Debt Crisis Center

(310) 365-1069

The State of Student Debt Virtual Summit

Thursday, December 7th | 11:30 AM-1:00 PM ET

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and Senator Elizabeth Warren will join the Student Debt Crisis Center to discuss and update borrowers, advocates, and allies alike on the ongoing fight to cancel student debt, reigning in servicer errors, and more.

The Student Debt Crisis Center (SDCC) is hosting the virtual 2023 State of Student Debt Summit to bring vital information to people impacted by the student debt crisis. Having heard from countless borrowers about the chaos and uncertainty that came along with payments resuming, the SDCC Team has been hard at work with allies and policymakers to demand more for borrowers. So with the past two months alone having seen said payments resume, President Biden’s latest student debt cancellation efforts progressing through the negotiated rulemaking process, and millions of more student debt dollars being canceled, it is crucial for borrowers and their friends and families to stay up-to-date. Not least to mention the upcoming Income-Driven Repayment adjustment deadline on December 31st approaching borrowers soon.

“Borrowers have faced difficult and unique challenges these past few months in light of the end of the payment pause and a disastrous decision by the Supreme Court. To help ease these hurdles, advocates have sought to both continue their fight towards ending the student debt crisis and be a resource of vital information when it comes to repayment plans, debt cancellation opportunities, and more,” said SDCC President and Founder Natalia Abrams. “We hope this year’s State of Student Debt Summit serves as a crucial opportunity for many borrowers, advocates, and policymakers to use in knowing what is actually going on in the student debt crisis, how we can collectively address it, and make sure every single borrower knows what assistance is available for them.”
“The Student Debt Crisis Center has helped reshape the entire debate around college debt and affordability in this country. You are the reason we’ve worked from Day One to fix the nation’s broken student loan system,” said US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. “The fight for progress is hard. But these past few years, we’ve learned that change is possible and we need you to continue in the fight for college affordability.”
“Thank you to the Student Debt Crisis Center for hosting this summit and for all the work you do to alleviate the burden of student debt for millions of Americans,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren. “I remain committed to working shoulder to shoulder with you to hold servicers accountable for their errors, ensure borrowers are protected, and cancel as much student debt as quickly as possible to lock in brighter futures for millions of hardworking Americans.”

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Student Debt Crisis Center is a nationwide advocacy group with over 2,000,000 supporters calling for fundamental reforms to student loan policies.


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