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RELEASE: SDCC's Borrower Impact Survey Findings


October 18, 2023

Natalia Abrams,

SDCC Survey Shows Almost Half of Student Loan Borrowers State They Do Not Have the Information They Need to Prepare for Payments to Resume.

Student Debt Crisis Center’s recent survey action garnered over 17,000 responses, in which borrowers overwhelmingly shared their concerns about payments resuming.

Although the SCOTUS ruling struck down the cancellation millions were expecting, borrowers have been doing what they can to prepare for student loan payments to resume. In spite of their preparedness, borrowers that participated in our survey stated they need more information from their loan servicers to be prepared for the resumption of payments.

SDCC surveyed over 17,500 supporters and found that borrowers not only feel loan servicer communication is lacking, but that they are untrustworthy. Only 20% of respondents feel they have the information they need to prepare for the resumption of payments, coupled with the fact that over a quarter (27.5%) of respondents have not received any recent communication from their loan servicer, leaving borrowers scrambling to find information on their own.

To add to the grave lack of proactive communication, only 26% of respondents who have contacted their loan servicer within the lost two months have reported that they were able to get their questions answered or their issue resolved. Borrowers have made it clear that they have done everything they can to prepare for payments to resume, but the lack of communication from the Department of Education and their loan servicers has created unnecessary obstacles.

“These survey results are coming at an inflection point for the future of student debt for millions of borrowers with the negotiated rulemaking process beginning last week. Borrowers do not trust their servicers and are relying on the Department of Education and nonprofit organizations like us [SDCC] to help them navigate the complexities of repayment,” said Natalia Abrams, President of the Student Debt Crisis Center. We will continue advocating for broad-based student debt cancellation because it’s what borrowers not only deserve, but desperately need.”

“As a borrower, I still find myself confused at times, and I’m doing this work everyday. I know firsthand that the information borrowers receive from their loan servicers is sporadic at best and not always wholly accurate,” said Sabrina Calazans, Managing Director of the Student Debt Crisis Center. “We hear from borrowers daily who are struggling to not only navigate the system, but to even know where to start.”

Approximately half of respondents said they have already reduced their discretionary spending to prepare for payments and yet, they will still struggle to make their payments over the next six months. Thousands of borrowers courageously shared how harmful having another bill to pay will be.

As we continue working to educate and inform borrowers, our focus on prioritizing borrower voices and dedication to sustaining the grassroots movement for canceling student debt remains unwavering.

If you would like to learn more about these survey results, to speak with an expert, or to speak with a borrower directly, please contact


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