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RSVP HERE: State of Student Debt Summit with Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and more!

It's almost here! The State of Student Debt Summit spring meeting is happening in less than a week, and you can RSVP to join on Zoom or by phone right here.

On Wednesday, borrowers, parents, activists, and experts will join lawmakers including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Elizabeth Warren to discuss solutions to the student debt crisis. Expert panels will include The Path to Debt Cancellation, Women with Student Debt, and The Movement to Cancel Student Debt. Plus, we will discuss how to be an effective advocate and how we can build momentum to cancel meaningful student debt.

If you have student debt, or one of your loved ones does, this is the event to be at this spring. We will cover the essential need-to-knows, plus give you time to ask us your questions. And you can do it all from anywhere – home, a coffee shop, the break room at work, the back of your physics lecture, anywhere! If you can’t make the whole day, just pop in when you can.

Here's a schedule for Wednesday's summit:

  1. 12:30 ET: Remarks by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

  2. 1:00 ET: The Path to Debt Cancellation: Combining Research and Advocacy featuring former U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King

  3. 2:00 ET: Women with Student Debt: A Trillion-Dollar Crisis

  4. 3:00 ET: What Does it Mean to #CancelStudentDebt?

  5. 4:00 ET: Remarks by Senator Elizabeth Warren / Audience Q&A


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