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Thursday: National White House call-in day urging President Biden to cancel student debt

We wanted to invite you to join us on Thursday to call the White House in support of student debt cancellation. We are teaming up with the United State of Women, Black Girls Vote, and others for a national call-in day to push President Biden to use executive action to cancel student debt before federal student loan payments restart on May 1. We have a simple message for President Biden -- he has the authority to cancel student debt with the stroke of a pen. Doing so would benefit millions of Americans, but the impact would be greatest for women who hold two-thirds of America's total student loan debt.

The reality is we must cancel student debt to truly build back better from the pandemic. The pandemic that has impacted all of us, but disproportionately harmed women and women of color. Failing to take action would be detrimental to our economy as a whole. Student debt makes it impossible for people to own a home, start a family, save up for retirement, or start a new business, all of which are vital to the recovering economy.


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