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TODAY: Student Loan Help Session & COVID-19 Policy Update

The COVID-19 pandemic is still harming Americans with student debt. The vaccine has many hopeful that an end to the health crisis is in sight. But, the economic crisis will impact Americans for months and years to come. The good news is federal student loan repayment programs that can help today.

You may have heard - President Biden extended the COVID-19-related pause on federal student loan payments through September. Join advocates and experts for a discussion about student loan relief enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic and options for the future. Plus, there will be time for Q&A We believe helping borrowers is a critical part of solving the student debt crisis. We have already helped over 15,000 borrowers understand recent changes and we plan to help thousands more. We hope you’ll join us! Save your seat for the Student Loan Help Session here. Then, check out our Twitter and Facebook for more of the latest updates.


We are working tirelessly to end the student debt crisis - that includes broad-based student debt cancellation. Will you join our fight? Send a letter to your representatives in Congress and tell them to support an executive action to cancel student debt.


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