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Town Hall Registration: Public Service Loan Forgiveness Updates

We have important news that will change many of your lives. The Department of Education announced new rules that make it easier to qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) and improve the application process. Our immediate goal is to help as many people as possible receive loan forgiveness by informing the public and helping them apply.

RSVP for the Town Hall: Public Service Loan Forgiveness Updates via Zoom or telephone on Thursday at 2:00 pm ET. Experts will help answer your questions.

We know many of you are thrilled and others may be disappointed. Our mission is to end the student debt crisis for everyone, but we also support canceling student debt wherever and whenever we can. This is a win, this is progress for our movement, and this is a step closer to student debt cancellation for all of us.

For now, we want to see public service workers have their loans canceled. If you are a teacher, social worker, veteran, or work for a government agency or nonprofit, we want to help. If you were told you did not qualify or your application was denied, new rules might change that.

Can’t make it to the Town Hall? Let us know you want to learn more and our team will send you an official fact sheet and keep you informed of upcoming events.

Yes, I want to learn more

We need to hear from our supporters to connect them with vital information. RSVP for the Town Hall here or sign up to receive important updates here.

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